Friday, February 20, 2009


Objective Cheer Leading

Like most college schools of education, journalism schools have been infected for quite some time now with the state-worshiping postmodern virus.

Students are told that since genuine objectivity can never really be attained anyway (a hat tip to Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, etc), one should direct instruction or news reporting to the higher goals of unadulterated partisanship (i.e. Push left wing political values and deride conservative ones).

The faceless writers of common wire services like Reuters and Associated Press have become absurd in recent years -- initially motivated by a pandemic of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

One can find blatant editorializing and downright distortion in the most mundane "news" articles on any given day.

Here's a mild one I found yesterday from AP:


Republicans Poised to Leap on Spending Abuses


Party prepares to pounce on wasteful spending in the $787 billion stimulus package as they refocus their criticisms of a measure whose success could hurt their 2010 election prospects (emphasis mine).

I realize that this is a very subtle and barely noticeable example of bias – but that's the point. It would no doubt be seen as biased by anyone left of center if the sub-heading had stated; "...whose failure could help their 2010 election prospects [!]."

An attempt at objective reporting could easily report the issue minus a sub-heading that clearly depicts the so-called "stimulus" in a positive or negative light or those who oppose it in a postive or negative light.

This is admittedly a minor example of AP's non-stop pathetic proselytizing for the Democrat party and leftist politics in general.

I once wrote that, even though the executive and legislative branches of government were run by Republicans; that news media, education, and entertainment were dominated by the left. Now that's changed and the executive and legislative branches of government are in lockstep with their left-wing comrades of state adoration – they've even got a cult of personality going (Obama as savior).

We're screwed...'should make a lot of spoiled socialist brats happy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Stimulating Marx's Grave

-- Approved of (voted on) and read by no one including the president who pushed it (unless he can read 1500 pages in a night's sitting -- I keep forgetting, he is "The One" after all).

-- Written by no one voted for or known to the public (staff bureaucrats), and costing future generations trillions of dollars in the end.

This is a "stimulus" fostered upon a desperate public by a con-artist with no executive experience or knowledge of economics (and apparently little common sense).

The little we do know so far, in some of the bills larger print, is that Democrats will get some of their wish list to begin nationalizing American society on the model that has failed miserably everywhere it's been tried.

...not looking good

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What Happend To All The Cartoons?

I'm referring to newspaper cartoons. To be sure I haven't gleaned all newspapers and there may indeed be a few newspaper cartoonists who still critically appraise a current president but...I don't see a lot (actually, I've seen none!) of cartoons mocking or critiquing our new god-man president, his highness B. Hussein Obama.

On the flip side, it seems that just weeks ago and for the past eight years all critical faculties in news cartoons were directed at the infamous "W."

To add further icing to this pathetic journalists' cake I've seen a few cartoons recently that actually take a valid issue regarding Obama's competence and honesty and twist it into a mocking critique of his opponents position.

All presidents, even ones sent from heaven like Obama, have something to analyze critically. Why is this clown off the hook?

Are there any sane people left in mainstream communication channels?

On a side note, a thousand cheers to the kids of Boulder High School where I substituted and taught for a couple of years, for standing up to the ridiculous idea of changing their school's name in honor of our current (it's been only three weeks folks) president. This Obama worship cult is becoming downright sickening

Friday, February 13, 2009



Wasn't Bush supposed to, like, ah, seize power in a fascist coup to install his rich oil cabal into power? Instead, he facilitated one of the smoothest and considerate transitions of power in modern American history. But, the Jacobin clique' wants investigations and trials for "war crimes" and "torture"...etc.

When will the so-called "progressives" ever come down to Earth and just accept that we live in a multi-value system and not everyone shares their control-freak attitudes. While these clowns cowered in mock fear of impending fascism, Bush was anticipating bike rides on his Texas ranch.

The very idea of having war crime trials and investigations against a president (in this case one that can arguably be noted to be among the least corrupt of recent decades) is a very slippery slope. The vindictive concept of establishing a precedent for all future presidents to be dragged through a kangaroo court every time the opposing party wins an election is absurd.

The more I see Obama and the Pelosi/Reid crowd in action the more I wonder if we may be headed for a sort of Chavez-lite style of power consolidation.

Again and again, the left shows it's true colors; authoritarians through and through.

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